First Name :   Patti
How did you find me? :   Known you for years
Comment :   You have been so helpful to me in so many ways! The whole reborning process, selling reborn doll beds, and you were such a valuable person in my life when we lost our son in 2009. I hope youre still enjoying the Love Stacy song. I just kind of follow you
Email :
First Name :   Dawn Garma
How did you find me? :   You are Famous
Comment :   Beautiful website Debbie! I enjoyed looking at all of your gorgeous babies! =o)
First Name :   jessica
How did you find me? :   reborn world magazine
Comment :   All your babies are absolutely gorgeous!
First Name :   Shikye
How did you find me? :   searching web for classes
Comment :   God Bless you what a great job you is grandiose how you make the dollies come to I am a fan. I have not started a collection yet, but made few bids on ebay. I love dolls in general but yours are a gift...
First Name :   Pamela
How did you find me? :   Doll Fan Forum
Comment :   You are a Gift from GOD to Me!! I Love my Baby, Prince Derell L-Jackson The Jacksons are Grateful for your Amazing Master Artistry!!
First Name :   Donza Grant
How did you find me? :   Your article on eBay was posted on showing off my reborn page.
Comment :   When I read your article on what goes into creating a reborn your professionalism and concern for your clients stood out to me. Your form or writing and explanations of how much goes into the art of doll creating made me realize that your someone I would
First Name :   cheryl
URL :   
Comment :   oh my!!my bella boy is on your page other beautiful babies too love your work
State You Reside In :   connecticut
First Name :   Linda
URL :   
Comment :   I loved working with Debra, she is an amazing artist and did an awesome job on my daughters 2 reborn babies, Jacob and Renesmmee. I would tell anyone that would love to adopt a reborn to go through her. Debra thank you very much for helping me make my dau
State You Reside In :   Ontario, Canada
First Name :   Emily
URL :   
Comment :   Thank you so much. I absolutely adore Sophia Ann. Sophia is enjoying her reborn too... I love them and love the clothes and other gifts. Im in love
State You Reside In :   New Mexico
First Name :   Cassandra
URL :   
Comment :   Hi Debbie. Nicole arrived yesterday!! The kids and I waited all day by the door and when the ups trucked pulled up, we were sooo excited. I opened up all her little accessories first, tormenting us all with Thank you for everything you s
State You Reside In :   Ohio
First Name :   Patty Luecke
URL :   
Comment :   I enjoyed visiting your website. I love Hannah Marie so much! Im thinking of having another custom done so Ill be in touch!
State You Reside In :   Texas
First Name :   Hillary
URL :   
Comment :   I just adopted a baby orangutan from Lasting Memories nursery and she is beautiful!! Thank you so much Debra!!
State You Reside In :   Missouri
First Name :   Patti
URL :   
Comment :   Debbie, my little Maya arrived and I am thrilled with her. Shes gorgeous. Shes my new prized and cherished baby of my dreams. :) Shes so precious, so adorable, and so amazingly lifelike. You are such a talented artist, it is amazing! I cant thank you enou
State You Reside In :   NJ
First Name :   callie
URL :   
Comment :   i am SO impressed with hanna, thank you for all of the hard work you have put into her!!!!!
State You Reside In :   alabama
First Name :   karen
Comment :   just loving my little cody you done for me he is just the most sweetest little boy cant wait till i can get another thank you so much
State You Reside In :   saskatchewan
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